How To Identify And Neutralize Phishing Attacks

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Everyone who often deals with the Web has ever heard the term ‘phishing attack’. Today we will explain what a phishing attack is, reveal its mechanisms, and give you effective tips on how to recognize and rebuff any phishing attempts. read more

How To Keep Visitors On Your Website Longer?

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It comes as no surprise that every website owner who worked day and night to build his/her project is always in search of ‘holy grail’ trying to invent a better way to retain visitors, get people interested, focused on the site’s content, and then straightforwardly converted into sales or sale leads. read more


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by on Surfguard is here! It’s a browser addition powered by our web safety platform, which lets you preview status of a link before clicking on it. If a link is unsafe, you’ll get a pop-up notification when hovering your mouse over it.

I am not a robot: How to stop human-generated fake user registrations on any platform

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If you run a free membership site of any kind, then you surely have a first-hand experience of dealing with spam signups. Such fake registrations are a pure garbage that adds no value to your user base, ruins the overall picture of your audience, and can do no good to any marketing efforts: the more fake/dead accounts your database contains, the harder it becomes to study registrant demographics, build customer relations, and target your propositions at specific user groups. read more

What Are Toxic Or Unnatural Outbound Links And How To Fight Them Back Without Losing Organic Links?

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Irrelevant outbound links that lead to different kinds of low-quality content (e.g. adult, malware, spam, etc) are called toxic, as they can negatively impact a website where they are placed, i.e. decrease its SERP rankings or cause Google algorithmic penalty. read more

Meet the blog!

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Meet the blog! A place where we’d be happy
to share our expertise, useful tips, analytics, and best insights into the world of SEO, link building and spam-fighting.

Updated FAQ section

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Updated FAQ section: up-to-date answers and instructions are ready to guide you on’s features and best practices.

Good news for Blogger users!

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Good news for Blogger users! is now available on this popular free blogging platform.

Renovated plugin for WP

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Renovated plugin for WP: Streamlined user interface, optimized setup process, and comprehensive guidance just where you need it.